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Did you lose or damage your Ford key? Or maybe you want a new spare key to have, just in case. In any case you will need to find a professional Ford locksmith services in your area. Milwaukee Locksmith provides a number of services including automotive, commercial and residential support. When you are in need of a new car key your local locksmith is the best place to go.

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Ford Key Making

Ford Locksmith | Ford Locksmith Milwaukee
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Losing the keys to your Ford vehicle can be a very stressful situation that no one wants to be in. It doesn’t need to be an upsetting event, because your local locksmith can help you right away. It doesn’t matter if you lost the keys to your 1966 Mustang or a 2016 Raptor, they will be able to make you a new car key right on the spot. The locksmith will need to know the year and model of your Ford, so they can determine the correct key you will need.

Car Key Replacement and Programming

Older model cars, usually before 1990, do not have a chip inside the key, so it will not need to be programmed. In newer model cars, after 1990, most car keys have a transponder chip inside the them. The transponder chip sends a code to the computer and if the code matches the vehicle will start. These types of keys will need programming to match your car.

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If your key is too defective and will not work properly, then you will need replacemnt. Over time the teeth of the key can get worn down and it may not function properly. This includes unlocking the car door and starting the vehicle. Another important thing to pay attention to is the base of the key blade. If you notice any cracking or bending, you should get it replaced before it causes damage.

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