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Have You Lost Car Keys?

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Have you lost car keys? We understand how disappointing and irritating it can be. But before getting upset or starting to panic, try to calm down and figure out how to fix the situation.

Certainly, this situation is very unfortunate, but may happen to all of us once in a while. First of all, try to recall when you saw your keys last time and where you could’ve put them. Follow the steps you were making in the past few hours and carefully analyze them. Did you get it yet? No? So, maybe you put them in another bag at home. Or perhaps you left your car keys in the office. Still nothing? OK, maybe indeed you lost your keys.

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What to Do If You Lost Car Keys

Lost Car Keys | Lost Car Keys Milwaukee
Replacing Lost Car Keys Fast

If you lost your car keys without a spare one and can’t find them anywhere, you need to call Milwaukee Locksmith. In order to secure your vehicle from stealing, the lost key should be replaced and the locks should be rekeyed. This means that the locksmith will have to change the positions of the pins inside the lock. In this case, only a new key will open your vehicle, and whoever has your old car key won’t be able to get into your vehicle.

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If you are getting a car key replacement, most likely you will need to change the ignition switch to match your new key and work properly. Also, if your lost vehicle key was a transponder key, aside from cutting the key, the locksmith will have to program it too. Transponder keys have an electronic chip inside, which controls the engine starting. It means that unless the key is programmed to correspond with the vehicle’s frequency and communicate with the car computer, the car engine won’t start.

You will also need programming of the car key, if your lost key was remote and you are replacing it. The process of programming is alike with the transponder key. Basically, the key should work on the same radio wave frequency as the vehicle. After the locksmith will do it, all the built-in functions in it will work just as before.

Don’t hesitate and call Milwaukee locksmith, when you need to replace lost car key.

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Need to Replace Lost Car Keys?
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