Having this safeguard a huge headache in the future and we recommend any and everyone to have at least one backup.Not only will it save you from a headache it will usually be around half price to pay for a copy than having a locksmith make one from scratch. Not to mention the time you will save either!

Always keep your spare key close! Preferably give it to a family member or a friend that can help you when needed.

Wondering if your key has a transponder? A tell tale sign is a large head on the top of the key, a marking on the top of the blade of the key, or a visible resistor on the blade of the key itself. Most car manufacturers hide the chip in the head of the key inside of the plastic or rubber head.

Standard metal keys have minimal security. They can easily be copied at any hardware store.

Don’t forget about push/start proximity keys, although you may think you are unable to lock the key in the car or lose it, it is very possible. We have seen it time and time again.

Car Key Duplication
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