Offering complete range of locksmith and security installation services.

We can install the latest locks and other products to protect your home.

Milwaukee inc. always has a solution, whether it’s an emergency or you need to upgrade or replace your current security.

We also specializes in extracting broken keys from the ignition. Car locks that work with electric transponder keys can also be repaired by our shop. Apart from cars, our locksmith service provides assistance for locksmith jobs of trucks and vans as well.

Our company arrives on site and helps opening the locks of cars, vans and trucks. Advanced technology and careful hands are used for opening your vehicle ensuring that there is no damage caused to the vehicle. Key replacement, duplication, GM VAT (Vehicle Anti-Theft) keys duplication and new ignition keys are some of services provided.

With accurate time frames and a total dedication to solving your unique security issues, Milwaukee locksmith inc. delivers on its word to provide you, our customer, with a excellent all-around service. Rely on our top brands  for all your home and business lock needs.

Locksmith Services
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